The Home Coming (CH-4) Summary || Class 12 UP Board English Prose || Chapter 4 ||

CH – 4

The Home Coming

In this post we have given the summary of the chapter “The Home Coming”. It is the 4th chapter of the prose of Class 12th Up board English. 

Written by: – Rabindranath Tagore

About the Author: –

Distinguished man of letters, born May 07, 1861 in Calcutta (Kolkata), got education at home. Great poet, dramatist and novelist. World famous figure, won novel prize for literature in 1913 for collection of poems “Gitanjali”, famous works are – Gitanjali, The Crescent Moon, Fruit Gathering and Lover’s Gift.  In novels – The Wreck, Gora and The Home. His shorts and famous stories are The Home Coming and The Kabuli Wallah. He was knighted in 1915, left his knighted in protest against Jalliawala Bagh Massacre in 1919. Dead in 1941.

About Chapter: –

Phatik Chakravorti was mischievous boy, ringleader in village boys. Decided to roll away the log which was lying on the mudflat of the river, used into mast of boat, friends agreed to this mischief to annoy the owner, but, younger brother Makhan opposed them and sat down on the log. Phatik decided against it When he didn’t get up, Phatik ordered to roll the log and Makhan with it. Mahan fell down and stand up, beat the Phatik and ran towards home while crying. After this, Makhan lost his glory because his younger beat him in front of his friends. Phatik went from there and sat on the bank of the river. A man stepped down from boat. He asked Phatik the residence of Chakravortis, he resfued. Servant of Phatik’s house came to take him back on his mother’s order. When Phatik denied, he took him up on his arms forcefully and took him home. At home, Makhan lied that Phatik had beaten him. So angry Phatik beat him in front of his mother. Mother outraged and hit him. At this moment, the grey-haired, middle-aged stranger arrived at Phatik’s home. He was the brother of Phatik’s mother, Bishambhar, Bishamber had gone away after Phatik’s mother’s marriage to Bombay to set up his business. Phatik’s father had died. Bishamber knew Phatik was lazy, disobedient and wild, whereas, Makhan was fond of reading. Bishamber offered Phatik to came with him, Phatik excitedly agreed. Mother was upset of Phatik’s eagerness because she lived in constant fear of Phatik killing Makhan. Phatik in excitement gave his fishing rod, marbles, and a big kite to Makhan. When Phatik reached Bishamber’s house, he discovered that the aunt was not happy with his arrival. He was a boy of fourteen and this age is nuisance for elders. At fourteen has physical changes and mental aggression, this age one becomes hungry for love and recognition. Nobody loves a lad of fourteen openly so he becomes a stray dog for him, his own house is his paradise. Phatik saddened by his unwelcome stay at his aunt’s house and did any task given to him with over-excitement and thus, would mess it up. Started feeling suffocated in the house, went in green fields for breath, but he couldn’t. He started missing his village, home, river-bank, kites, boy-band and his prejudiced mother. He was the weakest student in school, received several blows from teachers, still he looked out the terrace of homes surrounding the school. One day with courage, he asked his uncle when he could go home? uncle said, in holidays but holidays were far. Another day, Phatik lost his lesson-book now it became impossible for him to prepare lessons. His cousins mocked and ashamed him, teacher beat him unmercifully. Finally, he asked his aunt for new books. When he did, he was crudely scolded. He became hopeless, got anxiety attack, next day he was to be found nowhere. Police was called. He caught and brought back to home at day’s end, aunt again lamented and suggested that it was better if they sent him home. Phatik exclaimed that he was going home but was forcibly brought back. Became so delirious and kept on asking if he could go home, his condition deteriorated. Bishamber knew what Phatik wanted. Later in the day, Phatik’s mother burst in lamenting and longing to see her child hysterically. Phatik remained emotionless and motionless. He said “Mother, the holidays have come”.

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