The Golden Watch (CH-1) Summary || Class 12 UP Board English Short Story || Chapter 1 ||

CH – 1

The Golden Watch

In this post we have given the summary of the chapter “The Golden Watch”. It is the 4th chapter of the Short Stories sections of Class 12th Up board English. 

Written by: – Panjikkara Raphy

About the Author: –

Famous Malyalam writer. Born in Kerala in 1924. Trade unionist, closely attached with life of paid workers. Written both short stories and full-length novels.

About Chapter: –

Shanku was labor in factory, his engineer was a foreigner. He had golden watch of golden chain. He left his watch on the table in every afternoon, window was opened, Shanku was poor, He had a lot of debt, he had nothing therefore he wanted to steal the golden watch. Everyone went outside for afternoon lunch, Shanku tried to steal golden watch many times but he failed. Shanku feared from those people who wanted their money back. He had nothing to give therefore he was helpless to steal golden watch. Shanku had two children and a wife. They also suffered due to poverty, his wife was about to deliver third child. His wife wanted medicine for child and bananas for his hungry children. They had no milk for children and he had no money to buy these things. His wife needed money for his third child, because of this, he was even more helpless. Everyone went outside for afternoon lunch, British engineer also went for lunch, left his golden watch on his table. Shanku with courage, stole golden watch from half opened window. After stealing watch, he got nerves. He was very afraid of being caught and humiliated. Got nervous and kept the watch on table back and left that place.

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